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[i'll be your heart attack]'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
[i'll be your heart attack]

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12/2/ 12:05 am
credit: spiralbound_lj

such a lovely layout.

(credit for my layout)
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3/21/ 9:26 am
[ mood | productive ]

And if we go down, we go down together best friends means, well best friends means.

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7/5/ 9:35 pm
[ mood | amused ]


I missed LJ lots. and I'm on all of the time so you can count on updates and whatnot.


add it? loveyou

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hey hey hey [
6/30/ 11:48 pm
Wellll, to anyone who cares! I have a new LJ..  [  lovetheflame ] I really hate myspace right now so I'm gonna be an LJ junkie now! :DD lotsoflove

<3 me
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3/29/ 4:15 pm
[ mood | discontent ]

You are, and always will be missed. <3

BJ Evans, R.I.P

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uh. yeah [
3/29/ 1:11 pm
[ mood | indifferent ]

I'm a loser and I fell off the face of LiveJournal for a while.

I haven't been having too good of times.

We've lost someone; his life was cut too short, too quickly. He was only 23, killed by an idiot who decided he'd drive after leaving the pub.
Sgt. William Jason "B.J." Evans, you will be missed dearly. <3

Mr. Scott Stevenson, a good friend of mine got into a car accident.. broke some stuff and cannot come back to school. =( I miss you ScottyScott.

[13:04] lauraishxc: come down here, youll be sure that everyone knows yer playin
[13:05] lauraishxc: i talk a lot, and i have connections xD
[13:08] markhasdreams: you're the best
[13:08] markhasdreams: i wish more people were passionate like you
[13:08] lauraishxc: =)

Mark is lovely. <3

I have a job at Best Buy now. I have since like.. January 13th; I think. I LOVE it. <333 best job I've ever had. and I love the people I work with. Granted, most are boys.. but I love them all.

salfhaslkf So I'm at school right now, and the bell is about to ring, so I must go.

KBYE. <3

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1/30/ 1:17 pm
[ mood | amused ]

i'm at schhooooolll. =D

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neurotic. [
11/18/ 3:47 pm
[ mood | busy ]


I'm okay, trust me.

3rd period=mental breakdown. WTF. i was about to pull my hair out but then britney and ashley made me feel better <3

voting for Who's Who was today. I was running for Friendliest. I guess we'll see who wins monday. probably won't be me because its nothing but a popularity contest MOTHA FUCKAASS.

it excites me when i can get a powerade out of the machine for $1 when it's supposed to be $1.25

HP4 IS TODAY. i hope i go. if not tonight, then sometime this weekend FOR SURE hehe

last night i spent like.. for ever cutting out pictures so i can make a collage and put it on my wall <3


thats like the epitome of uberradness. :D and i have a picture of a guy holding a poster with that. shoot son.

laura is hxc: "Laura, if you don't know who Panic! at the Disco is... you need to" -Dru

thanks dru. ;D he got panic! songs stuck in my head.

when i say shotgun you say wedding.



i think.. everyday im gonna read something from the thesaurus. i want to expand my vocabulary. ;)

i totally owned some boys at mercy today <3 my hands hurt afterward, but i dont care. i love to beat the boys.

well, you kids know i love you.. but i need to get back to work. OH BTW. im a work right now xD gotta love office jobs <3 thatlaurakid new LJ. whatwhat. its not edited, but i made it. SO ADD IT. ;)

kisses, laura.

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11/17/ 4:24 pm
[ mood | chipper ]

BOYS. Who needs them?



I think I'm gonna make a new El Jay.. just for a change. ANYONE who pays attention to me.. I'll post a new name soon.

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9/21/ 3:43 pm
guesss whattttt

my computer has failed to work again. D:

hiatus from el jay, yes.
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